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HI everyone. I'm Michael James, author of the Hotel series and Aliens and Ice Cream. You know how websites work and what you're going to find here. Come on in.


Available now: The Hotel at the End of Time

Book 1 of the Hotel Trilogy

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"a brilliantly original Urban Fantasy novel"


"one of the funniest books I've read in a very long time"


"this is a MUST read!"


" Recommend for readers who are looking for a well-written and entertaining word stew of farce, horror, action, emotion, tragedy,

comedy, and very human relationships"

"My only regret is that it ended too damn soon"

The Well at the Bottom of Everything - eBook.jpg

Available now: The Well at the Bottom of Everything

Book 2 of the Hotel Trilogy

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"For those of you who have read The Hotel at the End of Time the sequel is even better"


" laugh-out-loud, funny as all hell, with heartfelt characters"


"If you were a fan of the first book of the Hotel series, you likely won't be disappointed with this one. Fast-paced, witty and some great callbacks to the first book."


"I already can't wait until the next book comes out!"

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Available now: Aliens and Ice Cream

The attack on humanity lasted two hours. That's all it took for the sleek, black pods that descended from the sky to wipe out most of the world's population. Those few that remain huddle indoors, trapped by the hovering vessels that only attack those who step outside.



Here's what reviewers are saying:

"It was one of those books that make you're sorry when you finish because then it's all over"

"a brilliant mix of all-too-relatable horror and a well-thought-out science fiction setting"

"a super fast-paced alien invasion book of horrors"

"A genius mash-up of post-apocalyptic alien invasion thriller, domestic drama, YA and horror"

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