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Cover Reveal for Book 2

Howdy, Hotel fans.

Today I have lots of fun Hotel updates for you, but before I get to that, I had some other thoughts I wanted to share.

As the world plods its way back to normalcy, I've started to have conversations with my friends about their isolation/stay-at-home experience: did I do enough? Will I look back on this period with regret for not having accomplished enough?

Are you in that boat? Are you starting to look at the re-opening of the world with some trepidation, worried you squandered this "gift", that somehow you didn't do enough? If so, I have some thoughts for you.

No one came out of this better. It was a global catastrophe. You didn't need to learn a new language or learn to cook or pick up a hobby, or anything. This wasn't an opportunity. It wasn't a fresh start. It was an unprecedented global pandemic that crippled economies, killed millions of people, and destroyed every sense of "normal" we had in our lives. None of us know how to be easy on ourselves, do we?

We survived. Trust me, it's enough.

I didn't do anything in the past sixteen months. I haven't thrived, I've endured. I'll give myself credit for that. I got through.

Honestly. It's enough.

Okay, so that's enough serious stuff for one day, let's move on to Hotel news.


First off, I'm beyond excited to share with you the cover for book 2 of the Hotel! Introducing The Well at the Bottom of Everything

The cover was once again created by the magicians at Damonza and I couldn't be happier with the job they did.

Book 2 is now available for pre-order and will be released on Aug 3. Keep following this blog and newsletter for sneak peeks and updates! Two months left people! I'm pretty excited.


Next up, I was on a Podcast! This is maybe one of the coolest things to happen to me as an Indie author. I had so much fun! We talked about my book and it was basically like a real author interview. So cool!

You can listen to the podcast here. It's 3 Book Girls, and this is a great podcast if you love books. I've listened to quite a few now and they're hilarious and always have fun books to recommend.


I'd like to finish with a couple of suggestions of what you can read next, some great picks to get you through the days. Stay safe everyone!

My wife and I have finally started watching the Walking Dead TV show, which means of course I'm going to go back and re-read the graphic novel. I forgot how much fun these comics are, assuming your idea of fun is endless zombie-murder.

This is a wonderful short story collection by a talented Indie author named Zev Good. This was one of my favorite indie books I read last year.

Have you heard of this one? It's pretty good. It's about Hotels.

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