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Available now - The Elevator at the Brink of Infinity


Okay, I'm sorry for yelling. I'm so excited, I didn't even start with 'howdy, gang'.


Howdy, gang.

I'm not sure if you heard, but The Elevator at the Brink of Infinity is out today; the final book in the Hotel series, the culmination of about four years of writing. I couldn't be more excited.

The early reviews are already in! Here's what people are saying:

"This is the very best of the bunch."

"The Elevator at the Brink of Infinity is a wonderful book: smart, funny, witty, full of amazing characters, some real heart, a beautifully high concept and an epic tale."

"The best book of the series."

If you haven't had the chance to check out the full series, you can also buy the Omnibus - the eBook copy is now available, with the paperback and hardcover to follow shortly

I promise my next newsletter will be filled with more writing news, more book recommendations and more everything. In the meantime, I'm so excited to be able to share with you the conclusion of this journey. It's been a wonderful ride and I'm so glad you've stuck with me through the whole thing.


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Roberta R.
Roberta R.
03 Ağu 2022

I love the omnibus cover!

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